Physical therapy, reinvented.

Digital resources, human touch, and clinical expertise brought together to make physical therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient.


What We Do

We work with leading healthcare organizations to transform virtual physical therapy. We empower our members to get back out there™ on their terms, with a personalized program that reduces medical costs, improves workplace productivity, and optimizes clinical and functional outcomes.


Our solution

Digital resources

  • Customized physical therapy exercise sessions.
  • Evidence-based exercise selection and recovery recommendations.
  • Instructional videos and tips on condition management.
  • 180+ pathways, covering body parts from neck to toes.

Human touch

  • Live virtual meetings and ongoing episode management with a PT.
  • Regular communication with a coach.
  • Real-time session personalization.
  • Contact with an outside provider, if applicable.

Meeting our members where they are.

Our physical therapy pathways are accessible anytime, anywhere. They span all points in the recovery lifecycle, from conservative treatment and chronic condition management to prehab and surgical recovery.

A simple, comprehensive health solution for clients.

With integrated physical therapy and behavior change support but without special hardware, RecoveryOneprovides a convenient solution for health plans and employers.

How RecoveryOne™ works

Clients offer RecoveryOne™ to their members.

Employers or health plans can offer our service to their members through benefits plans or employee programs.

We put members on personalized pathways.

Members can start a pathway through consult with a physical therapist or digital self-service.

We connect with members throughout their journeys.

As members complete their physical therapy sessions, they receive clinical, technical, and behavioral support along the way, including live video visits, phone calls, in-app messages, emails, and texts.

Our Results

Reduce medical

Optimize recovery

Improve consumer

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Reduce medical costs

Optimize recovery outcomes

Improve consumer satisfaction