Finding Her Motivation:
Mina’s Story

Mina’s orthopedist recommended physical therapy to improve her posture and strengthen her upper back. Without further improvement, Mina’s doctor warned her she could have additional problems down the road, including surgery.


“I would go to physical therapy a few times a week,” she explains. “Each time I would come home with a piece of paper with written instructions or a picture of the exercises. But I could never remember exactly how to do them.”


As a result, Mina found herself putting off her PT. She’d promise herself she’d do them tomorrow. And when tomorrow came, she’d make the same promise again.


“The problem was I was never compliant with doing the exercises on my own,” she admits. “Having that accountability made all the difference.”


Mina chose to seek help with the use of RecoveryOne. She met with one of our physical therapists and was placed on a pathway.

“From my experience, the online consultation with my PT felt the same as doing one in-person, and that built a lot of confidence in the pathway I was given,” Mina says. “She truly understood what was going on with me, not just my condition.”

Mina was also assigned a behavioral health coach for guidance on her road to recovery. Part of the health coach’s role is to check in with members to make sure they complete their scheduled appointments. For Mina, this relationship was the missing piece. Knowing that someone was going to check in on her gave her the motivation to complete her exercises.

“I like receiving the text reminders every day,” she says. “I don’t open them until I do it. That way, it’s always reminding me that I have that message.”

Mina also makes use of the videos and written instructions included in her pathway’s exercises. By using both during her sessions, she feels confident she can complete the exercises in a safe, effective way.

“It almost feels like having a personal trainer!” Mina says.


Since she’s been using RecoveryOne, Mina finds herself working PT exercises into her day-to-day life, whether it’s working at her desk or after a run. And that hard work is paying off.

“I can see how the exercises are changing as I’m getting stronger,” Mina says. “My experience with RecoveryOne has been very good!”