PT in her Pocket:
Terry’s Story

Terry signed up for RecoveryOne the minute she learned about us. She was excited to get the benefits of in-person physical therapy without the added hassle.

“With traditional in-person physical therapy, you need to make an appointment, drive to the office, and then wait while they juggle several patients while also working with you,” Terry lists. “In comparison, I really liked RecoveryOne. The whole time I was able to do the exercises and stay focused on myself. I was able to get my exercises done quicker. And of course, I didn’t have to drive.”


While she enjoyed the exercises at RecoveryOne, Terry mainly remembers the connections she made with her behavioral health coach and physical therapist. Reaching out was easy if she had any questions or wanted to make changes to her recovery pathway. Whether through chat or phone call, someone was ready to listen.

“It’s not just you and the application,” she says. “I feel like there’s a real person behind it.”

Terry’s right; there are people behind RecoveryOne. And we’re excited to hear about the progress she’s made.


Terry enjoyed the app’s convenience; it gave her the opportunity to exercise on her terms. She no longer had to schedule her day around physical therapy.

“I downloaded the free application on my phone, chatted with a physical therapist, and she set up my pathway for me,” she says. “It was really simple.”

Once she was placed on a pathway, Terry enjoyed completing her sessions using her phone.

“You can like the videos they show you, and it saves them,” she says. “And you can choose if you want an individual or guided session. I liked the guided sessions. There’s a timer, and your phone keeps track of your reps for you.”