Now She’s a Believer:
Trenia’s Story

“I have to be honest,” Trenia says. “When I first signed up, I was like, ‘Okay. How good can this be? I’m at home. Will I even do the exercises right?’”

Despite her skepticism, Trenia knew she needed a better option for her recovery. Before joining RecoveryOne, she was seeing a chiropractor for her musculoskeletal issues. It would help relieve her pain, but didn’t improve her muscle strength. Trenia tried physical therapy to solve this issue, but it still didn’t help.

“With physical therapy, you’re limited to 30 minutes,” Trenia says. “If you make a couple of mistakes, well, you’ve just shot a whole bunch of your time.”


RecoveryOne’s flexible scheduling options and one-on-one chat sessions with physical therapists got Trenia’s attention. She started her RecoveryOne pathway and immediately saw the difference. Trenia’s PT was able to customize her recovery pathway in ways that in-person sessions simply couldn’t afford to do.

“I had a circumstance where I had some shoulder fatigue, and she adjusted the workout,” Trenia remembers. “It was little things like that. I think they don’t really hone in on during physical therapy. You’re not doing it frequently enough to focus on those things.”

Trenia also noticed the app offered at-home solutions for workout equipment she may not have ready. Since she started her pathway during COVID-19, Trenia found this feature especially useful.

“In a pandemic, you can’t just run out to the sports store and get some equipment,” she says. “So, they give you an option to something you might have, like a gallon of water if you don’t have a kettlebell. That was super helpful.”


Since starting her pathway, Trenia’s gone from a skeptic to a believer in virtual physical therapy.

“The first couple of times, I kind of muddled through,” she says. “But it’s really easy and user friendly. You’re not limited, and there’s constant feedback from your physical therapist. It’s been really helpful.”