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To help your employees stay healthy through COVID-19, we’re offering our digital recovery solution at no charge

Musculoskeletal problems aren’t going away during the current crisis. But in-person care is.

To help you help them during the crisis, RecoveryOne is proud to offer The Power of One, a free digital program. This program provides the early assessment, triage and intervention they need to get better, faster. They get a clinically-proven treatment pathway tailored to their specific condition, combined with a personalized recovery program. We then personalize the recovery experience to their individual needs, based on their ongoing feedback and daily progress.

Best of all, they can access their personal pathway from any device, from any location, at any time.

Learn how you can take advantage of The Power of One.

No doctors to visit, no appointments to keep.

With RecoveryOne, your employees don’t need to miss work for an office visits and it saves cost to your plan. During this time of COVID-19/Coronavirus and social distancing, that’s more valuable than ever. Shelter in place, not in pain.

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RecoveryOne isn’t just for people that can’t get out to appointments. If your employees have a new or undiagnosed injury that’s causing them pain, we’ll get them on the right recovery pathway, designed by orthopedic specialists using clinically-proven science.

Is current treatment not working for your employees? We work with you.

Not happy with your current recovery program, and looking for something else? We offer a results-based, non-surgical approach that adjusts to your ongoing input. RecoveryOne enables your teams’ success, on your terms.

“RecoveryOne has given me the opportunity to recover using a variety of guided exercise videos in the comforts of my home. They have made it easy to continue therapy at my speed, without the rush.”
RecoveryOne member

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