Physical therapy, reinvented.

Personalized Musculoskeletal Recovery phone app

We work with leading healthcare organizations to transform virtual physical therapy. We empower our members to get back out there on their terms, with a personalized program that reduces medical costs, improves workplace productivity, and optimizes clinical and functional outcomes.

The MSK problem

At any one time, 50% of U.S. adults have a musculoskeletal (MSK) condition or injury. MSK issues take a social, emotional, and physical toll on patients. The costs of MSK account for 5.76% of the national GDP and 364M lost workdays per year.

Our solution

Clinical foundation

  • Basis in scientific and medical evidence.
  • 180+ pathways, designed by our clinical team to treat any body part.
  • Coverage spanning all points of recovery.
    • Conservative treatment.
    • Chronic condition management.
    • Preoperative rehabilitation.
    • Surgical recovery.

Human touch

  • Ongoing clinical oversight from a dedicated PT.
  • Regular interaction with a behavior change coach.
  • Support from our clinical and technical teams, including pathway personalization.
  • Patient management dashboard for care managers and other providers.

Digital resources

  • App available 24/7 on mobile or desktop.
  • Customized in-app physical therapy exercise sessions.
  • Evidence-based exercise selection and recovery recommendations.
  • Instructional videos and tips on condition management.
  • Continuous personalization based on member feedback.

How RecoveryOne works

Pathway placement

To get started, members meet by phone or video chat with a RecoveryOne physical therapist or choose digital self-service.

In-app sessions

Physical therapy exercise sessions—complete with guided and instructional videos, progress tracking, and self-care tips—are available within the app anywhere, anytime.

Support along the way

As members work toward recovery, licensed PTs and health coaches provide one-on-one support as needed, via in-app messaging, email, phone, and video chat.