Who We Serve


Who We Serve

We work with leading healthcare organizations to transform recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions. We empower our members to “get back out there” on their terms with personalized programs that reduce medical costs, improve workplace productivity, and optimize clinical and functional outcomes.

Health Plans

There are many benefits of offering RecoveryOne as a feature within a health plan, including:

  • Decreased cost of recovery
  • Convenient access to care
  • Reduction in unnecessary procedures and surgeries
  • Increased member satisfaction
  • Improved member outcomes

Health Systems

RecoveryOne helps health systems as they move into value-based care arrangements for musculoskeletal conditions. Health systems experience: 

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Increased reimbursement
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Broader patient access
  • Extended clinician reach


Ever increasing medical spend and labor costs are big factors for employers today. With RecoveryOne, employers can realize the following:

  • Improved health of your employees
  • Decreased cost of musculoskeletal benefit
  • Reduced absenteeism and improved productivity
  • Increased employee satisfaction