More than physical therapy

Your RecoveryOne physical therapy program isn’t just physical — it involves your body and your mind. Your recovery team is devoted to improving all aspects of your health.

The RecoveryOne Program

With RecoveryOne, your physical therapy exercise journey — known as your Pathway™ — is at your fingertips. You can put in the time to feel stronger and better whenever you want, anywhere you want.

Where are you feeling aches and pains?

Your personalized Pathway will focus on the body parts that hurt you most.


Open jars and fasten
buttons with ease.


Get back to playing tennis
or doing home improvement.


Reduce tension and
wake up without pain.


Start the car and
type without pain.


Pick up groceries and
garden with ease.


Get up from a chair
and sleep on your side
without a problem.


Kneel to tie your shoes
without a second thought.


Stay stable when you
hike or take the stairs.


Let your foot hit
the ground without pain.


Shampoo your hair
and scratch your back
with no limits.

Is virtual physical therapy right for me?

Virtual PT is a lot like in-person PT, only you do it online. We think it’s better, thanks to its many unique pros:

No travel

Makes a difference on busy days or when you’re in a lot of pain.

On demand, straight to you

Your recovery journey happens when you want, where you want.

Private and personalized

No crowded clinics or standard plans. RecoveryOne is tailored to you.

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Take the first step to feeling stronger, better, and more like you.

With RecoveryOne, you’ll have a team of experts to support you on your recovery journey, each step of the way.

Our virtual physical therapy program helps you reduce your muscle and joint pain from the comfort, convenience, and safety of home.

Getting started is easy


Download the app on your phone or tablet, or use it on your web browser.


Connect with a physical therapist about your personalized recovery Pathway.


Exercise at your own pace, with a certified health coach to keep you on track.

Your Pathway is made just for you. It’ll evolve as you get stronger, based on your feedback and your clinical team’s guidance — so you’ll never be bored or held back.

Want to learn more about starting your recovery?

Join thousands of RecoveryOne members and find your path back to life with less pain.

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