About us

Better MSK care is our mission.

At RecoveryOne™, we believe in higher-quality, lower-cost musculoskeletal care. We make it happen with our evidence-based solution designed to engage and empower consumers.

Our Story

From orthopedic roots to a clinically superior solution.

RecoveryOne was founded in 2013 by a renowned orthopedic surgeon. In the company’s early days, our investors and clients were orthopedic surgery practices. Today, we primarily work with healthcare and benefits managers, but our orthopedic beginnings make our clinical backbone stronger than any other solution in the industry.

In 2020, we launched with Cigna HealthcareSM, and we’re proud to continue to hold the single largest virtual musculoskeletal contract on the planet, serving more than 2 million lives.

In recent years, our solution has grown to include virtual physical therapy, a coordinated care team approach, need-based care navigation, and sensorless motion tracking technology, all driving better engagement and outcomes. As a company, we’ve continued to prioritize flexibility and integration over brand-building, so we can work more effectively with our partners in this ever-complicated landscape of digital health point solutions.

Our Vision

Empowered MSK care.

Half of all American adults are affected by musculoskeletal conditions. New injuries often come without warning, and MSK pain, acute or chronic, has a way of affecting every aspect of life.

MSK pain is frustrating, draining, and worrisome for consumers, and the impact stretches far beyond the pain itself. For some, MSK pain is the difference between independence and burdening loved ones. For some, it’s the difference between a stable income and being out of work. For many, it’s the difference between a high quality of life and just getting by. And for others, it’s the difference between happiness and depression.

But the traditional healthcare system is failing consumers at every juncture — confusing them, pointing them in the wrong direction, and encouraging reliance on medications, expensive procedures, and surgeries that don’t yield better results.

At RecoveryOne, we want to live in a world where everyone has the resources and support to take control of their MSK pain. In this world, consumers are confident, engaged, and empowered to move beyond pain and get back to the life they love. And when their motivation wanes — as it inevitably does — they have professionals to support them physically and mentally to keep them moving forward.

In this world, surgeons perform surgery on the people who really need it, and in-person physical therapists practice at the top of their licensure in a touch/tech hybrid model. It is only here that we see relief from high healthcare spending, enormous medical waste, and all of the indirect human and financial costs associated with MSK conditions.

Our Team

A partner you’ll want to work with.

Our people are a big part of our difference — members and clients rely on our team every day to provide an exceptional experience, and we don’t take that lightly.

Our company’s size and culture make us a professional, collaborative, and, dare we say, fun partner to work with. We promise to give your organization and your people the time and respect you deserve — when you partner with us, our team becomes yours, and you’ll never feel like just another implementation.

Our Leadership Team

Mark Luck Olson

Chief Executive Officer

John Araki

EVP + Chief Financial Officer

Miriam Beecham

EVP + Chief Product Officer

Josh Kaffee

SVP Client Delivery

Jacqueline Hager

VP of Product

Sean Kinsman

EVP + Chief Clinical Officer

Our Commercial Advisory Board

Jeff Terrill

Chair of RecoveryOne Advisory Board

Alex Lincoln

SVP Business Development, Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate

Tim Leman

Chief Executive Officer, Gibson Group

Brian Melanson

Founder & President, m4 innovation

Richard Fuchs

Senior Vice President of Healthcare Strategy and Innovation, Walmart

Our Board of Directors and Investors

Mark Luck Olson

Chief Executive Officer

Susan Rawlings Molina

CEO of GroundGame.Health

Rohit Nuwal

Partner and Investment Director at TELUS Ventures

Rohit K Seth

Founder and Managing Director of Outcomes Collective

Craig Cimini

Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Cigna

David Eichler

President and Managing Partner of Cobalt Ventures

Robert Garber

Partner at 7wireVentures

Our Medical Advisory board

Lesley Anderson, MD

Orthopedic surgeon, knee and shoulder surgery

Darren Q. Calley, PT, DSCPT, OCS

Physical Therapy Residency Director and PT Program Faculty Member at Mayo Clinic

Anang Chokshi, PT, DPT, OCS, SCS

Founder and managing partner of Digital Healthcare Consulting

Alan Daniels, MD

Chief of Spine Surgery at Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital

Michael Klassen, MD, FAAOS

Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine

Sheri Pruitt, PhD

Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Scientist

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