Meet the New RecoveryOne: A Fresh Take on Empowered MSK Care.

by | Mar 4, 2024

We’ve outgrown our legacy brand and product, and we’re thrilled to announce the rollout of our new experience in 2024. So what’s changing, why, and when? Let’s start with a look back.


Where we started

RecoveryOne was founded in 2013 by a renowned orthopedic surgeon. In the company’s early days, our investors and clients were orthopedic surgery practices. Today, we primarily work with health plans and benefits managers, but our orthopedic beginnings make our clinical backbone stronger than any other solution in the industry.


How we’ve grown

With over 225 exercise therapy programs covering prevention, chronic pain, surgical and other non-surgical MSK conditions, we now cover 90% of all MSK conditions, making our offering the most comprehensive in the industry. Our meticulous clinical review process is also unmatched, ensuring that every member gets the highest quality care based on the most up-to-date physical therapy best practices.

In addition to our strong clinical foundation, our solution has grown to stand out because of our unrivaled personalization, sensorless technology, and flexible integration capabilities. Personalized care results in better outcomes — that’s why our physical therapy programs are tailored to each member uniquely using our ongoing adaptive personalization process. And, unlike our competitors, we’ve embraced a sensorless experience with our frictionless motion-tracking technology, Motion Trainer. Finally, as a company, we’ve prioritized flexibility and integration over brand-building, enabling us to work more effectively with our partners as they navigate the challenges of point solutions.

We’re immensely proud of how we’ve grown over the years, and while we’ve been continuously optimizing our solution for our members, there’s value in a refresh, and the time is now.

Our solution has always represented the highest level of clinical quality of any virtual MSK solution on the market. These exciting updates are simply our way of bringing our brand and product experience up to that same high standard.” – Mark Luck Olson, RecoveryOne’s CEO



Our refreshed brand has arrived. Here’s what’s new:

Our new primary color is purple. Before we get into why, here are some fun facts about the color purple:

    • Historically, purple was rare, making it an early symbol of royalty, strength, and power.
    • Between red and blue, purple is known for the combination of red’s power and blue’s stability.
    • Some research suggests that purple has a physiological effect on the body — fostering a feeling of calmness, even lowering the heart rate and blood pressure in some cases.

We’ve reimagined our refreshed brand and product based on a foundation of empowerment because we believe that with the right tools and support, every individual has the power to overcome their pain. So, above all, we wanted our new look to inspire the strength, power, and bravery in each of our members while exuding the calmness and stability needed to navigate the ups and downs of musculoskeletal recovery.

Our visual style will focus on photography.

Visually, we’ve shifted from our primary use of animation and vector images to photography. The reason for this is simple: our members are central to everything we do, and pain is a very human experience. What better way to showcase our values as a company than featuring real people with the same human qualities that make us both vulnerable to pain and capable of inspiring recoveries?



What’s coming

The most exciting update is still to come — the launch of RecoveryOne’s new app and reimagined user experience. Member empowerment remains the driving force behind our highly anticipated product changes. Our VP of Product, Jacqueline Hager, had this to say about the updates:

“We have to remember that our users are often alone in their house, in pain, and eager to get better. We know that our product’s clinical quality is a huge asset, but we had to start by asking ourselves, how can we provide the same care in a way that is more accessible, realistic, and engaging for users?”

So, what updates can members expect to see?

The central focus of RecoveryOne’s new product experience is the member’s unique goals and needs. So whether they join because they want to run a marathon, garden, chase after their grandkids, or simply do daily activities with less pain, we’re tracking their progress specific to their goals. This change has led to updates in what questions we ask and how we ask them, measuring progress uniquely to the member and constantly re-emphasizing their “why.” In addition, we’ve added even more options for personalization — making it easier than ever for members to adjust their program to accommodate their specific lifestyle.

Our progress tracking capabilities have also been redesigned to emphasize the member’s forward momentum. Rather than counting down the weeks they have left, members will be consistently reminded of how far they’ve come. On top of our already stellar health coaching experience, members can expect to see more motivational moments and education opportunities baked into their day-to-day interactions with the RecoveryOne app. They’ll also see more gamification features and opportunities for community engagement. These enhancements encourage members to celebrate wins, reflect on progress, and lean into their support system when needed.

Built on a modernized tech stack, our new mobile-first app will feature a modern and intuitive design, enhancing ease of use for our members. We will also continue to support the use of RecoveryOne on tablets and laptops. Our updated solution has been carefully built as part of a larger accessibility ecosystem, setting us up for WCAG compliance to support inclusivity and reach more members more effectively.


When it’s happening

The new RecoveryOne website is now live, showcasing our brand’s refreshed look. Up next is RecoveryOne’s new app, which will have an enhanced user experience and be available to select users as early as the spring. We expect the new RecoveryOne experience to roll out to our entire user base in the summer of 2024.



Want to learn more? Check out our new website.