Let’s fix MSK care for your members.

Improve the cost and quality of musculoskeletal care for your population with RecoveryOne.

The Problem

MSK conditions are common and costly.


of U.S. adults have a musculoskeletal condition.1

But most aren’t getting the right care.

The U.S. healthcare system steers people to costly, invasive procedures instead of lower-cost conservative care.


is spent yearly on medical expenses2


is wasted on the overuse and misuse of medical resources in this category3

In-person physical therapy is a lower-cost alternative, but it’s inconvenient.

PT is effective, but the traditional model struggles with enrollment and engagement.

Only 24% of the people referred to physical therapy actually enroll.4

Of those who enroll, only 43% are adherent to their care plan.5

Introducing Recoveryone

Care worthy of the world’s single-largest virtual MSK contract.

Uncomplicate MSK care for your members with care navigation, personalized physical therapy, and an expert care team from RecoveryOne™.

Virtual MSK triage

We help members get the right musculoskeletal care at the right time with need-based care navigation. With our physical therapists at your MSK front door, members get faster access to professional guidance and quality care, contributing to better outcomes and more savings for you.

Personalized physical therapy

With over 225 evidence-based physical therapy programs, every member gets a personalized program every time. On-demand access to guided exercises and videos makes it possible to recover anytime, anywhere, so it’s easier to stick to.

Coordinated care team

Our whole-person approach includes an expert care team with a dedicated physical therapist and certified health coach. With unprecedented access to experts, every member has the physical and behavioral support they need for a successful recovery.

Why Us

The RecoveryOne difference.

We’re different from our competitors in all the ways that matter.

The industry’s strongest clinical backbone.

Each one of our 225+ exercise therapy programs is built using evidence-based research and the most up-to-date physical therapy best practices. Our rigorous independent review process ensures continuous alignment with high clinical standards and superior outcomes.

Programs that are never cookie-cutter.

We like to say, when it comes to members, when you’ve seen one, you’ve seen one. Our technology and our processes support continuous adaptation and personalization, so you’ll never get an “off-the-shelf” experience — your program is made specifically for you.

Technology without

There are already too many barriers to care plan adherence, so we don’t add to the problem with external sensors like our competitors. Our members get real-time feedback from our AI-powered motion-tracking technology, Motion Trainer, using just the camera on their device.

An integrated,
egoless experience.

In today’s world, the best member experience often means integrating our solution into your existing health benefits ecosystem. With our API-friendly solution, we’ll put our brand and our ego aside to offer your population a cohesive experience, not another point-solution.


Savings that
speak for themselves.


PMPM savings6


average savings per episode.6

Proven clinical results.

Life-changing outcomes.

When Bob hurt his back, his entire life was disrupted. RecoveryOne helped him avoid surgery and get his back in better shape than before his injury.


- Bob M

“It has been very life-changing for me. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back in just a few short months.”

An experience that members love.


Net Promoter Score8


Episode Recovery Rate9


Initial Engagement10

Stop wasting money on MSK.


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