Empowering full MSK recoveries and better health for individuals and populations, at lower cost.

Empowering full MSK recoveries and better health for individuals and populations, at lower cost.

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Eligible Lives1
Weeks Earlier Return to Work2
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RecoveryOne’s Four Pillars for
Reimagining MSK Care Delivery

See what makes RecoveryOne different from the rest.

Scalable human-first program

Guided, professional PT evaluation

Individual recovery and care plan

Personal behavioral coaching

Technology- amplified human connection

Patient-driven, tech-guided exercise sessions

Professional progress monitoring

Tech-enabled, adaptive intervention and care plan management

Proprietary, evidence-based foundation

Entire body is addressed by the RecoveryOne solution

Founded by a preeminent orthopedist

2,000+ therapeutic exercises covering 200+ pathway

Superior experience and outcomes

7.4x ROI

3x therapy completion by patient

74 NPS
(Ritz-Carlton level)

The RecoveryOne Empowered
MSK Care Model™

Evidence-based programs, rich in human connected care, amplified through technology.


Licensed physical

Initial evaluation, member care
plan customization, and ongoing oversight by a licensed physical therapist.


recovery plan

Personalized recovery plan of validated care protocols, informed by member's goals and lifestyle.


Therapeutic exercise

Technology-delivered therapeutic exercise sessions advance dynamically through continual member feedback.


Behavior support
coach (CHC)

Recurring interaction with a behavior support coach (CHC) maintains member momentum
and engagement.


Ongoing self-care
at home

Condition-specific learning modules teach knowledge and skills for ongoing home self-care. 


Clinical and delivery
system integration

Integration of clinical oversight and care delivery allows for complete population and patient management, ensuring continuity of care.

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1 RecoveryOne Internal data.
2 Anderson L, et al. “Postoperative Compliance and Return to Work After Rotator Cuff Repair: Value of an Interactive Online Rehabilitation Program Among Patients Treated Under Workers’ Compensation.” Orthopedics vol. 44,2 (2021): e197-e202. doi:10.3928/01477447-20201119-07.
3 18-month case-matched and risk adjusted claims analysis performed independently by U.S. national health insurer.