Physical therapy for real life.

Say goodbye to scheduling hassles, traveling, and inconsistent home exercises — simplify recovery with RecoveryOne™.


Virtual PT
from RecoveryOne.

More accessible, engaging, and effective musculoskeletal care.

Dedicated licensed physical therapist

RecoveryOne’s licensed physical therapists are experts in back, joint, and muscle conditions. Members have unprecedented access to their dedicated licensed PT as they navigate every aspect of their recovery.

Guided exercise therapy programs

No more print-outs and hard-to-follow home exercise programs. Exercise therapy from RecoveryOne offers a guided exercise experience with real-time motion tracking, video instruction, and continuous adaptation.

1-on-1 health coaching

Physical therapy isn’t usually a quick fix. Health coaching from RecoveryOne supports behavior modification, a healthy mindset, and action planning to keep members engaged and on track toward their goals.

A team approach to MSK care.

RecoveryOne’s coordinated care team supports the physical and behavioral aspects of recovery with a dedicated physical therapist and a certified health coach.

Licensed physical therapists

We have a network of physical therapists licensed in all 50 states. Over 80% of our PTs have doctorate-level degrees, 97% have more than 3 years of experience as a PT, and nearly 60% have advanced certifications.

— Jenna Chase, DPT

“I chose to work for RecoveryOne to reach a larger population with high-quality care backed by research and highly knowledgeable experts.”

— Dana Medlin, NBC-HWC, MBCS

“At RecoveryOne, I’m a part of something greater than myself, and I get to witness the impact we make. I truly believe that this is where passion and purpose collide!”

Certified health coaches

100% of our coaching staff is certified through a National Board-approved training & education program. Our coaches are experts in behavior change techniques and are vital in helping members stay engaged. Members are 5 times more likely to complete 10 or more sessions when they work with our coaches.

Adaptive Personalization

Programs tailored to each member from start to finish.

With our unique personalization process, every member gets a custom program every time.

How it works:

Care that adapts.

Our programs account for successes and setbacks, adapting uniquely to each member’s pace and progress.

Tech-based adaptive learning

Our technology utilizes self-reported pain and function data to automatically adjust exercises and pathway duration.

Care team intervention

The PT and health coach use member feedback and performance data to make ongoing care plan adjustments.

Remote monitoring

RecoveryOne tracks member progress and performance with surveys, Motion Trainer, wearable device integration, and more.

Frictionless Tech

Meet Motion Trainer

No sensors. No problems. RecoveryOne members get frictionless feedback from our AI-powered motion tracking technology, Motion Trainer, using just the camera on their phone or laptop.


form feedback, no external hardware required.


data tracking.


of crucial points on the member’s spine for more accurate feedback.


cueing to enhance engagement.


visual data points than external sensors and other computer vision options.

Recover smarter with integrated technology.

RecoveryOne works with wearables for enhanced remote monitoring capabilities.


We’re here to help members get moving — our technology can leverage step data from wearables to monitor overall activity level.


Gait metrics are important predictors of falls — our technology supports tracking gait characteristics for fall prevention.


Quality sleep is an important part of MSK recovery — our technology supports the use of sleep data to create each member’s holistic health picture.

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