No Need to Wear a Sensor with RecoveryOne’s New Motion Trainer

by | Mar 1, 2022

Company enhances virtual physical therapy via computer vision and AI technology

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — RecoveryOne, a leading digital health innovator dedicated to improving health outcomes for recovery from musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries of all types and reducing costs, announced the availability of Motion Trainer, a new computer vision and AI technology capability that strengthens its virtual physical therapy and MSK solution. This new feature offers an enhanced interactive experience that can improve exercise performance, drive better adherence and lead to better clinical outcomes.

Motion Trainer is a new tracking capability that empowers an individual to achieve faster, stronger and more efficacious recovery by providing real-time feedback and form correction without the use of a wearable sensor. While wearable sensors can be beneficial, in virtual physical therapy, they can introduce unnecessary challenges, including low adoption rates that can affect adherence and increase costs because of added equipment. In addition, they can present technical issues such as incorrect placement of devices or loss of Bluetooth connectivity. Motion Trainer uses the device’s built-in camera and an app or browser-based device, such as a laptop, eliminating the need to strap on devices or incur additional costs for extra hardware while making it simple to engage.

“We want to ensure that real-time feedback is available to all of our users at a low cost,” said Miriam Beecham, executive vice president and chief product officer at RecoveryOne. “By eliminating body-worn sensors that many of our competitors require, the barrier to entry is removed, thereby increasing ease-of-use and access to care. For employers and health plans, RecoveryOne’s virtual MSK solution, with its nearly 200 therapeutic care pathways, provides a low cost and now more than ever, a highly effective program.”

Along with the sheer number of individuals affected by MSK conditions, low adherence to physical therapy programs contributes to overall U.S. healthcare spending and related costs. For example, associated absenteeism and lost productivity due to painful MSK conditions resulted in an annual cost of around $600 billion, more than heart disease ($309 billion), cancer ($243 billion), or diabetes ($188 billion). Now with the added feature of Motion Trainer, RecoveryOne’s solution, as an employee benefit or through a health plan, can help save money, as well as help employees avoid days off and potential lost wages. 

Motion Trainer adapts and tracks motion and repetitions, providing visual and audio guidance to help customers correctly perform their exercises. The interactive experience can help increase engagement and adherence, one of the key drivers to better recovery, health outcomes and overall healthcare costs. 

RecoveryOne’s virtual MSK solution is the only full-body, virtual solution supported by more than 200 proprietary clinical pathways and nearly 2,000 therapeutic exercises. The addition of Motion Trainer means that customers will have the most interactive and personalized virtual physical therapy care pathway plan available. 

“We know that recovery from an injury can be a difficult journey and frequently involves some pain to regain mobility,” said Sean Kinsman, chief clinical officer, RecoveryOne. “We will continue to add new features to help engage users, but we know that tech alone is usually not the only answer, and that’s where our behavioral modification team along with our physical therapists can step in and help customers stay motivated.”

Motion Trainer is now available for members who are newly enrolling in care pathways for chronic and acute low back pain. Additional pathways for the back will be added this quarter, and support for neck, knee, and shoulder conditions will quickly follow. The computer vision technology for Motion Trainer is provided by Kemtai.

The company recently announced an expansion with Cigna to offer RecoveryOne to Medicare Advantage customers. After securing a $33 million Series C funding round, RecoveryOne has also added key appointments to its sales, client success and product innovation teams to assist health plans and employers provide members or employees with a complete MSK solution. 

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